Reflex massage techniques will help decrease stress & anxiety in the entire body. This especially benefits those with plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and foot/leg pain.

Foot reflexology treatment is a kind of massage, which focuses on various pressure points in the feet. It is believed to stimulate vital organs and boost energy flow. According to several reflexologists, foot reflexology benefits include an increase in physical health, especially in people who experience pain in their feet and legs. It is beneficial to have foot reflexology massage during pregnancy for the fact that it can aid in foot and leg ache. Using foot reflexology in pregnancy is not been medically proven to have any adverse effects and some midwives even say that it can be used to ease morning sickness and heartburns. Also, one of the foot reflexology benefits is the reduction of stress to a large extent. It offers relaxation to the body and mind. It is all the more reason that the foot reflexology treatment would make pregnancy easier for expecting mothers and thus, comes highly recommended.

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