There is nothing as calming down as a lower back deep tissue massage. The midweek blues will flee

A deep tissue massage in Auckland is exactly as the name indicates. It penetrates to the deepest of the tissues and you experience a relaxation unlike any other. When is the last time you have gotten a deep tissue massage

Massage therapists suggest you should get one as often as possible in order to experience the deeply relaxing effects. 

While deep tissue massage therapy is one of the most therapeutic massages, why is it so? 

Explore the 6 benefits of this therapy here. 

Experience the stress leaving your body 

The body and its muscles and tissues do get caught up in a knot when there is undue stress during daily activities. Ancient therapies have time and again pointed to massages being the key that could alleviate this pressure and help one be more carefree due to the release of endorphins during the process. 

Stress is not going away any time soon from our daily life and thus, it is time we learnt to deal with it. What better than a massage in East Auckland? The perfect solution to calming down. 

Keep your blood pressure in check through a massage 

A deep tissue massage has amazing effects on the systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. With age, the human body experiences a shift in hormones, body functions begin to decline and a host of other complications are seen.

One of the most common conditions seen in people, surprisingly even the youth of today, is high blood pressure. 

Deep tissue therapy lowers blood pressure, thus enabling various other health conditions to be controlled. 

Breaks up scar tissue 

Often wounds and injuries over time have a healing process of their own and this involves the formation of scar tissue that has the necessary protein factors to promote healing. 

The buildup of the scar tissue over time causes pain and restricts movement. A massage breaks down these adhesions and improves flexibility, allowing one to expand their range of movement without experiencing pain. 

Arthritis pain is relieved

A condition in which the joints are affected and get swollen and tender. The joint pain and stiffness can be helped with a massage as this provides motion in the joint and helps one move without feeling discomfort. 

Better sleep at night 

One of the miraculous effects of a massage is that it helps with sleep. Often due to the strenuous schedules, you may find it tough to find some sleep and quiet. A massage has the potential of promoting the release of good hormones, improving blood flow to the brain, regulating the sleep cycle and overall leaving you with a peaceful quiet night. 

Lymphatic drainage

A myofascial release in Auckland will help promote the drainage of the lymph. This lymphatic drainage helps the body get rid of toxins and other waste material, thus enabling blood flow to better and the body to recuperate from any disease conditions. 

The buildup of waste in the body can cause different conditions and health complications. Thus, a massage as a reliever is a great option. 

Are you choosing right? 

While selecting a massage centre, it is only wise to go with a place you are comfortable. Your privacy should be of utmost concern and the ambience should be comfortable too. At HealthCure Massage, everything is taken care of. 

The massages here are curated and done by experienced physiotherapists and professionals. Massages need to be done with caution as often the joints and muscles may be sensitive and require a gentle touch. The pressure needs to be regulated during the massage. 

At HealthCure Massage, you will find a welcoming atmosphere. In case you are going in for a pregnancy massage or a sports massage, and have been advised specific areas to avoid or any personalised things to be paid attention to, let our therapists know and they will try their best to help. 

A massage can work wonders!

The benefits of a massage are not limited to the only relaxation. A wide range of therapies and treatments of disease and other health conditions also employ massages being used as palliative care. 

The deep tissue massage is one that has far-reaching effects and can address the muscle tensions that exist at the deeper layers. 

When are you getting your deep tissue massage therapy? 

HealthCure Massage encourages you to give yourself a break every once in a while and let our professionals take care of your joints and muscle pain. 

Stop by and you will experience true relaxation.

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