A pregnancy massage in Auckland has helped many women with the aches they experience during this challenging phase. You can find relief too

Pregnancy is a time that is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life. But with the joys of the phase, there are accompanying aches, pains, emotions to deal with. Luckily, you do not have to deal with this alone. A lower back deep tissue massage can provide you relief like no other and what’s more, is that the massage will promote the release of happy hormones so that you can tide over the phase. 

Here’s what you can expect after a pregnancy massage in Auckland.

The swelling in your feet subsides

One of the most common complaints during pregnancy is that the feet ache and standing on them for long hours at a stretch maximises this feeling of pain. A pregnancy massage addresses these swollen areas of the feet and you will actually feel the relief seeping in and the pain leaving your body. 

Sleep better once you have had the massage 

Insomnia during pregnancy can be caused due to the hormonal changes the woman is going through. Often, it can also be the very thought of undertaking the huge responsibility of motherhood that can make one stay up at night. 

The phase is a trying time as is and you need a good night’s rest. A deep tissue massage therapy done during the massage will help you sleep better and you will see what a great change that is in itself. 

Prepares you for labour and delivery 

A relaxation massage in Auckland is truly beneficial for pregnant women as it helps the muscles in the pelvic area relax and this eases the delivery process when it happens. Tightness and tension in the muscles often is associated with pain. 

A relaxing massage goes a long way in relieving the constrictions in the area. 

Keeps your mental health in check

During pregnancy, one experiences a spiral of emotions that can sometimes go out of control. You are feeling so many things together and find it difficult to control these emotions. A massage promotes the release of endorphins that help happiness settle into you and pump your body with a flood of positivity. 

During the course of pregnancy, women often feel anxiety and some even find themselves excessively worrying. Every woman experiences and perceives this phase differently. A massage channels the release of happy hormones that can provide an instant lift to the mood. 

Addresses the areas of pain 

A lower back deep tissue massage is great for expectant mothers who are having pain in this area. The difficulty in sitting, standing and tightness in the area is due to pressure on the lower back as the uterus is growing bigger. 

Massage therapy has often been recommended in these cases to help the pain and also provide some sort of therapeutic assistance with this. 

Alleviates the pain in muscles and joints 

Similar to deep tissue massage therapy, the pregnancy massage helps to lessen the pain that is often felt in muscles and joints throughout the body. You have heard about the ability of massages to improve the blood flow to the area of tissue and increase the supply of oxygen. When the oxygen is increased to the muscles and deep layers of tissues, they are rejuvenated and the pain is eased. 

In addition to this, a massage helps lymph drainage. Thus any waste tissue fluid that has collected within the spaces or vessels is drained and this further gives the body a chance to breathe free and experience relaxation. 

At your service, the best massage professionals 

HealthCure Massage is a massage centre in Botany that has been taking care of people’s therapeutic and relaxation needs by way of massages. Whether you need to stop by for a relaxation massage in Auckland or know someone who needs a therapeutic massage in Auckland, you will find that this is the space to visit. The ambience is such that your privacy is respected. 

In case of a pregnancy massage, only experienced professionals will be tending to you and you can be sure to tell the therapist of any medical concerns or doctor’s advice that they need to follow. 

Are you ready to experience true rejuvenation and relaxation? Pregnancy can be a challenging time that a woman has to go through. But remember, you’re not alone. There is all the relaxation you need a call away and we will see to it that you get the premier treatment you require. 
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