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What is Seated Massage?

A seated massage is a massage therapy performed when the body is seated upright. This type of massage is often found in high stress areas. Ideal for people working in long shifts that requires them to be seated at one position for long. The seated chair massage offers quick pain and stress relief while also helping to manage conditions like blood pressure, headaches, and bad posture problems. 

Understanding Table Massage Vs. Seated Massage 

Table massage is one of the most common types of massage people are familiar with, even the ones who haven’t had a massage ever. In case of a table massage, the body lays relaxed on a massage table. The table massage therapist makes best use of lotions or oil blends to work their way into resolving and helping relieve stress and tension from trigger points, tight muscles and ligaments. A table massage helps in restoring body movements that might have been restricted due to injury or everyday rigour. 

In case of a seated massage, a specialised chair is used for the massage therapy. The massage chair is designed such that the body rests leaning forward slightly, with arms and legs well supported. A face cradle in the seated massage chair is responsible for supporting the head. The massage therapist works their way up into resolving stress and tension in muscles. Since the massage can be done without having to change into massage clothes, there is absolutely no use of lotions or blend oils unless necessary or requested. 

A seated chair massage is more portable when compared with table massage.

Benefits Of Seated Massage

  • Helps to relieve arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome related pain and discomfort
  • Can reduce headaches
  • Improves blood circulation to the arms, neck, shoulders and hands
  • Eases back pain significantly
  • Reduces stress and lowers anxiety
  • Reduces body tension and fatigue
  • Helps with lymphatic drainage
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Releases stress and tension from scalp to renew energy levels
  • Head massage increases supply of oxygen into the scalp and induces a sense of relaxation that helps with insomnia and sleep cycle
  • Simple and basic massage movements
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Why HealthCure Seated Chair Massage Auckland?

At HealthCure, we keep your well-being our priority. With everyday becoming more strenuous and having to multitask in the available 24 hours, many people load their heads with work related stress, tensions and the anxiety of being left behind.

The seated massage treatment is known to instantly release stress, create a sense of relaxation and comfort. It also helps relieve circadian rhythm abnormalities making it easier for you to fall asleep. Best of all, you do not have to worry about finding the right place to have a massage!

At HealthCure seated massage treatment: 

  • Trained seated chair massage therapist provide excellent seated massage treatment
  • Seated massage sessions long enough to leave lasting impact
  • Affordable seated chair massage sessions
  • We do not use any chemical products for the massage
  • Aimed at providing complete relief and healing
  • Complete seated chair massage for back, shoulders, arms and the neck

HealthCure Seated Massage Treatment – Literally Just Sit and Relax!


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