Unwind during a customized and relaxing massage. Using light to medium pressure, your therapist will help you to de-stress and feel brand new.

Relaxation therapy is a massage that completely relaxes the body along with providing several benefits. A relaxation therapy massage offered at Healthcure Massage Botany, when received regularly, offers a long-lasting impact on the body in several beneficial ways. It helps both physically as well as emotionally since it not only releases muscle tension but also causes a release of endorphins, which gives our clients a lot of joy and happiness. This is the major reason people use relaxation therapy for stress. Using this therapy often is a very good initiative towards one’s health because it also improves circulation, boosts immunity, and prevents muscle pain, which usually develops due to tension in muscles and connecting tissues.

At Healthcure Massage Botany, we create a custom relaxation therapy massage catering to the individual needs of our clients. We alter the pressure from light to medium as per the endurance and need of the recipient and to bring out the maximum effect.

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