Spend Quality-time with Your Significant Other at HealthCure Couple Massage Auckland

Couples who relax together, do more in life together!

There are ample studies on the internet highlighting how couple massage has numerous health benefits and presents an amazing opportunity for couples to try something new!

At HealthCure Massage, our couples massage packages are tailored exclusively to ensure that you relax and enjoy quality time with your partner.

Our massage therapists are always careful about your comfort and every massage session focuses on areas that are tensed, under stress or sore. With couples massage packages that are affordable and convenient, enjoy a mini-vacation at any time of the year. HealthCure Massage doesn’t offer any sensual massages.

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    Couples Massage Therapy

    The Significance of Couple Massage

    Massage therapies have been proven to take out stress and relieve anxiety from corners of the body. With every day getting busier and more demanding, stress is more likely to build up in the body. 

    And while we may not realise it, stress builds up over time and can make it difficult to manage over a long period of time. Couple massage therapies are an effective way of getting trapped stress and anxiety out of your system while having room to bond.

    The Undeniable Benefits of Couple Massage

    5 Reasons you Need to Book a Couple Massage
    • Spend time relaxing together
    • Stress relief and an enhanced feeling of togetherness
    • Couple massage is a break from otherwise busy and stressful life
    • Enhance balance between mind and body 
    • Strengthen your bond while relishing on inti-macy
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    Why HealthCure Couple Massage Auckland?

    At HealthCure, we keep your well-being our priority. With every day becoming more strenuous and having to multitask in the available 24 hours, many people load their body and mind with work-related stress, tensions and the anxiety of being left behind. This eventually gets to a relationship. 

    The couple massage treatment is known to instantly release stress, create a sense of relaxation, enhance bond & feeling of togetherness and comfort.

    Available Couples Massage Packages

    Couple Massage PriceDuration
    $17560 Min

    We do not offer sensual massage.

    Spend a day together. Spend a day at HealthCure Couple Massage Auckland


    Our Happy Clients

    “I won the free massage competition on FB. The whole experience was amazing!! Right from being so flexible with my appointment time to fit in with me coming from work, and hasselfree parking right outside. I chose the relaxation massage which was wonderful, Ruchi was so caring checking the pressure was ok and I was enjoying the experience.”

    Vanessa Hunter

    Vanessa Hunter

    “Highly recommend! Ruchi helped ease all the aches and muscle pains through a excellent relaxing massage. I’ll be back for sure!”

    Karin Olivier

    Karin Olivier

    “Last week I had my first experience with Ruchi for a 45 min massage. The whole experience right from the get go was SO amazing. She was extremely welcoming and made me feel comfortable before the massage even started. The massage room was also very clean and it had a lovely feel about it.”

    Natasha Unkovich

    Natasha Unkovich

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