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Golflands is a busy place and taking proper care of your body should be a routine everyone must practice for a better and healthy life. Healthcure Massage aims at providing elevating massages in Golflands that relieves your body of all kind of stresses and health ailments. Our massage centre at Golflands is easy to find. All our massage services are done by trained and expert massage therapist who have undergone years of training to identify where your problem area is. Our proximity to Golflands makes it easier for you to plan the day ahead. You can book an appointment at any of our massage centres for a time that best suits your schedule.

Healthcare Golflands is the perfect wellness shelter for the best recovery of your mind, body and soul.


At Healthcure Golflands massage centre, we practise discipline when it comes to maintaining massage hygiene and safety. We analyse your body and understand your medical conditions before suggesting any massages. Healthcure Golflands believes in healing your body and taking care of everything that affects you matters to us.

Healthcure Massage - your getaway to a relaxed body and mind at Golflands


what is a Massage and why is it needed?

There are several massage benefits to be gained from regular massage therapies. Especially when they are administered in the form of remedial massages. These benefits include pain relief, immune system support, injury resilience and improved posture. At Healthcure Massage, we offer healing massages that go beyond the superficial effects of massage treatments and cure the bodily systems from the root level. These messages hold the benefits for neck pain, back pain, arthritis, muscle cramps and more.

Love your body & love yourself

The Healthcure Massage therapy is rendered by the physiotherapy experts who hold a thorough knowledge of the musculoskeletal system of the body. These experts believe in and work on the entire concept of complete involvement of body systems in the massage therapies. The massages offered by these experienced masseuses involve the right effort to stimulate the body and mind and relaxes the nerves. Thus, maximizing the massage benefits to the extent that internal systems get revived to perform better.

We at Healthcure are offering a range of remedial massages to bring about the absolute massage benefits. Visit us or browse the services section to know more.

Taking care of your body after a Massage Session

Our Happy Clients

“I won the free massage competition on FB. The whole experience was amazing!! Right from being so flexible with my appointment time to fit in with me coming from work, and hasselfree parking right outside. I chose the relaxation massage which was wonderful, Ruchi was so caring checking the pressure was ok and I was enjoying the experience.”

Vanessa Hunter

Vanessa Hunter

“Highly recommend! Ruchi helped ease all the aches and muscle pains through a excellent relaxing massage. I’ll be back for sure!”

Karin Olivier

Karin Olivier

“Last week I had my first experience with Ruchi for a 45 min massage. The whole experience right from the get go was SO amazing. She was extremely welcoming and made me feel comfortable before the massage even started. The massage room was also very clean and it had a lovely feel about it.”

Natasha Unkovich

Natasha Unkovich

Happy Clients
5 Star Rating
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