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Relax The Right Way With These Rejuvenating Massage Techniques

Is your therapist adopting these very useful massage knick-knacks during your massage in Botany? One word to solve every physical and mental problem – massage.   There is a reason massages have been in existence since almost the beginning of time and continue to be ever so popular. Is your therapist doing it the right way, though?  Contrary to what many…


hot stone massage auckland

3 Health Benefits and Origin of Hot Stone Massage Auckland 2021

What is a hot stone massage in Auckland? The hot stone massage therapy uses preheated stones to relieve stress, pain, and discomfort from the body. Being in use since ancient times, hot stone massage uses basalt stones due to their non-porosity properties and smoothness. Moreover, the basalt stone can retain heat longer than any other stone during the massage. The…


Deep Tissue Massage

How You Can Have Those Muscle Knots Released: A Deep Tissue Massage Does The Trick

Here is the answer to your ‘deep tissue massage near me’ query It hurts.  Yes, we have all been there.  Long work hours, pregnancy, a sedentary lifestyle owing to work-from-home can cause our bodies to stiffen up.  Result?  Muscle knots that necessitate a deep tissue massage therapy What are muscle knots? The body is comprised of numerous muscles. Often, certain…


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