5 Reasons Mothers-to-be need a Pregnancy Massage! 

What is it, the benefits and is it really safe?

What is a pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy brings an ocean of changes in the body and with a growing belly, it is crucial to take care of your body transformations. A pregnancy massage is an excellent therapy to help relax sore back muscles, help ease pain from a growing belly and soothe sore muscles. The therapy is usually safe but we still recommend speaking with your doctor before the appointment for added safety. 

The massage induces a sense of relaxation and encourages secretion of the hormones like serotonin and relaxin that are responsible for making the mother and the baby comfortable, making it an incredible way to increase the bond. 

What happens during the appointment?

During the course of the appointment, you will be asked to lay on your side as it is more comfortable and prevents putting weight on blood vessels. To accommodate a pregnant body, there will be support from pillows and cushions that are specially designed for such appointments. 

Once in position, the therapist will gently start massaging your back and move towards your legs. Since pregnant women are more vulnerable to blood clots, the therapist will refrain from providing a deep tissue massage. While there’s no evidence for this, certain pressure points will be avoided to prevent risking you into early labour. In case you feel uncomfortable with any strokes and movements, it is best to inform the therapist.

If you have health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure issues, morning sickness or any other conditions that may make you uncomfortable or can put you at health risk.

Chances are your therapist may avoid using essential oils since they can cause skin irritation or may even trigger nausea if you are sensitive to smell. In such a case, the appointment will include gentle strokes with no application or use of essential oils. 

Health Benefits to Expect

Pregnancy is a time of happiness and if you are looking to experience incredible body relief from aching joints, muscle soreness and stressed ligaments there’s nothing better than a dedicated rub-down. Some of the incredible benefits include:

  • Better circadian rhythm: Sleep is crucial during all trimesters. A professional rub-down uses the right techniques and methods to ensure deeper body relaxation. These techniques and methods encourage the secretion of hormones like serotonin (responsible for inducing a sense of calm and happiness). A relaxed mind eventually helps you sleep better
  • Pain, ache and stiffness relief: Movements during the rub-down encourages the flow of blood throughout the body. The fresh flow of blood takes away trapped toxins and replaces them with oxygen-rich blood thus reducing joint stiffness, pain and aches
  • Better mother-baby born: Pregnancy is special for every woman and every experience is different. The appointment puts you in comfort as well as the baby and since you are not doing anything (except for relaxing), you can focus on the baby more!

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