Whether it is a reflexology massage or a sports massage in Auckland, every massage is intended to relieve a certain kind of pain. Here’s which massage you should be getting

A massage goes way beyond simple relaxation and is intended to address the aches and pains you feel at the level of core tissues and muscles. Every massage offers you a level of relaxation and is curated in a way that employs different techniques to treat what needs to be done. 

Here’s a look at the different massages and a description of each which will help you get a clear idea about when to go in for it. 

An aromatherapy massage 

When the healing power of aromatic oils is invoked into the massage, the process is known as aromatherapy. The technique has originated in Egypt and the very principle of this massage is the ability of the oils to seep deep into the skin and help the blood flow and the immune system to fight off infection. The heated oils also cause blood vessels to expand, thus enabling oxygen to reach the tissues. An aromatherapy massage in Botany can be a good weekend break. 

Can a Swedish Massage in Botany help your muscles relax?

A Swedish massage is extremely popular for the range of muscle tensions it can help. The basis of the massage is stroking, kneading, and friction. With the combination of the pulling, stretching of the skin, and friction applied through the massaging process, the constrictions between the tissue are bound to break and this helps the tightness subside. 

This massage is a great therapy for those who have been sitting for long durations in the same position. 

When do you know it’s the right time to get a reflexology massage in Auckland?

Often you may have heard about massaging the thumb when you have a bad headache, or someone tells you to press the soles of your feet when you are having lower back pain. 

This is the science of reflexology. Pressure points on the extremities connected to the deeper areas of the body and being able to bring about a change in their function or improve blood flow. 

A reflexology massage is for anyone who has been feeling under the weather, or does not have good digestion or seems to have a lot of internal aches and pains. 

A good relaxing deep tissue massage in Auckland is what you need right now

A deep tissue massage is one that addresses those aches and pains that you have been feeling that well, may not be exactly causing you discomfort but they are hindering optimum performance. 

A deep tissue massage is different from a deep pressure massage, where the former is aimed at treating muscles and tissue pains.

Postural problems are so common in today’s day and age with all the work-from-home that is on and people having to sit confined to a single spot for hours on end. 

Consult your doctor before going in for a deep tissue massage. If you have health complications that the massage would trigger, let the therapist know about them. 

Sounds like a deep tissue massage in Auckland is exactly what you were craving right now, doesn’t it?

A myofascial massage can help your flexibility

The massage is not one that is aimed to help the muscles in your face, although this is a common misnomer. The massage instead is aimed to help the fascia get better, relieve tightness and tension in the area. The fascia is the connective tissue that helps you bend, stretch, and just keep it all in place. 

Does this sound like what you were looking for?

Find rejuvenation at the massage centre in Botany

For those of you who have never stopped by for a massage, there’s always a first. A massage centre that combines professional help, good prices, and an ambience that will make you feel comfortable and warm. 

HealthCure Massage is where you can rest assured find that relaxation comes in small packages and these are called massages. Have you been thinking it is difficult to plan what to give people as gifts because you can’t think of what they would like? Well, now you have the perfect thoughtful gift you can give. 

Massages are comforting, they relieve pain and tension in your body, they help you relax, they increase your productivity levels and how! So, here’s hoping you find rejuvenation at the HealthCure Massage centre. Here’s hoping you truly have an experience that changes you. 

So go ahead and pick your massage technique that you would like and we will see to it that you have the best experience.

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