Why Go For Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing therapeutic treatment at HealthCure Massage Botany, which incorporates perfumed oil acupressure massage on the back and shoulder along with back, arm, face and scalp. It is a deep massage stimulation of the three higher ‘chakras’— mind, body and spirit to encourage healing of the body. The head massage is done with circular strokes to improve the hair and scalp conditions.

This proven practice originated in India around 5,000 years ago as a part of Ayurveda. Originally it was used as a grooming technique but now it is used as popular complementary therapy all over the world. This treatment is also known as “Indian Champissage” from the Indian word “Champi” meaning “head massage”. So don’t get confused with the names!

At HealthCure, our head massage Botany expertise involves the usage of essential oil blends to increase the effect and induce a lasting sense of relaxation. It works by increasing the circulation of blood in your scalp aiding stronger hair growth and better absorption of nutrients.

The most soothing Indian Head Massage has to offer!

The head massage session usually lasts for 15-20 minutes. The process starts with the shoulders focusing on areas that are under tension. Your upper back is also massaged around the shoulder blade. The massage motion moves up to the neck massaging to relieve any extra stress or anxiety. The massage movements are often a mix of quick moves and slow, lasting skin contact moves to ensure that your muscles release trapped deoxygenated blood and toxins and allow better flow of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients. 

At last, the scalp is massaged, using squeezing, tapping, rubbing, or prodding motions along with the stimulation of acupressure points on the head. It is followed by the forehead and area around the eyes. The warm oil flows over the “third eye” or brow chakra to create a meditative state and balance the endocrine system. Depending on which technique is used, the upper back and arms can also be massaged to relax the muscles. A blend of essential oil is used for the Indian head massage depending on your preference and the benefit you wish to derive out of your massage session. 

While selecting the essential oil blend, we take your skin and scalp textures into consideration to provide more deep and rejuvenating massage therapy. This helps to promote hair growth and healthy skin. Dry hair scalp needs coconut and almond oil and skin benefits from mustard oil, sesame oil, olive oil, or jasmine oil. Regular head massage stimulates the blood flow to the follicles to loosen up the area. This delivers the nourishing nutrients which encourage healthy, strong and shiny hair growth.

In our head massage therapy, you don’t need to worry about getting into robes. It can be done over your clothes and the massage therapist may make a request to undress certain areas for better reach.  It is ideal for patients who deal with arthritis, sinus, jaw aches, anxiety, or chronic neck stiffness.

The 11 Undeniable Benefits of an Indian Massage Botany can give you

  • Improved blood flow to the head and neck
  • Improved lymphatic drainage  
  • Relieved muscular tensions  
  • Relieved physical and emotional stress  
  • Improved joint mobility  
  • Promoted deep relaxation  
  • Helps to improve muscle tone  
  • Helps to relieve eye strain  
  • Helps to relieve deep congestion in the head  
  • Relieved stress and anxiety  
  • Release of trapped toxins and deoxygenated blood

Considering Indian massage Botany? Here’s what you should know! 

While it is absolutely safe and effective, at HealthCure we are careful about your well-being and request you to consider the following before booking an appointment with us:

  • If you are pregnant or lactating 
  • If you are receiving any additional treatment or medication for your medical condition
  • Have a history of Spondylitis or Thrombosis
  • Recovering from a serious injury/injuries
  • Sensitive skin that can have an allergic reaction to essential oils we used 
  • Have skin lesions, skin breakage, overly dry skin
  • Are getting treatment for scalp treatment 

We advise against having a heavy meal just before the appointment and avoid alcohol at least six hours before the therapy session as it can dehydrate the skin making it more prone to breakouts and friction rashes. It is absolutely normal to experience light-headedness or aching muscles as the nerves are stimulated using repeated massage movements and techniques. These after massage sensations are normal and they will go away on their own. HealthCure strongly recommends consulting your doctor if you are under strong medications or are recovering from a serious injury. While our Indian massage Botany services are thoroughly relaxing and rejuvenating, it should not be treated as medical treatment. 

Why book your Indian massage appointment with us?

At HealthCure Massage Botany, we keep your well-being our priority. The massage room is equipped with the right massage table, a heated topper, fresh soft towels, cushions, candles and dim lighting to create a soothing ambiance for you to let go and relax. We take all necessary precautions to ensure your head massage therapy session is laced with the right practices and safety. 

Experience the best of Indian Head Massage Botany with us: 

  • Trained massage therapist provide excellent head massage treatment
  • Prior knowledge of your medical history
  • Head massage sessions long enough to leave a lasting impact
  • Affordable head massage sessions
  • We do not use any chemical products for Indian head massage
  • Aimed at providing complete relief and healing
  • Ideal for people struggling with irregular headache patterns and sleep disturbances

Book an appointment with HealthCure Massage Botany for a unique personalised Indian Head Massage! You will feel rejuvenated and satisfied in your mind.

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