A therapy that is used to manage health conditions and enhance wellness, involving the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, is rightly what is defined as massage therapy. 

Massage therapy has been carried out mostly by the natural expertise of female massage practitioners in both Eastern and Western countries. Massage has indeed proven to be the ideal therapy to reduce stress, improve blood circulation, and reduce pain. By simulating the soft tissues of the body in massage therapy, toxins are eliminated from the human lymphatic system. A good trip to the spa for an elegant massaging, indeed improves sleep, giving you the chance to be a morning person.

Considering that the massage therapy in itself consists of a whole lot of beneficiaries, it’s in fact, the burning passion and the work of skilled hands behind the screens, that bring soothing results at the end of each massaging session.

Most often, the first question asked when booking a massage appointment in a spa is, “Would you prefer a male or a female massage practitioner?”

And according to various studies, the answer to the aforesaid question has been “I wish for a female massage practitioner”. 

That’s again because of the glorious attributes that belong solely to the fair and gentle member of the human race. When people make an appointment to the spa, it clearly indicates that they need some time to relax and be energized, and rather not be judged for their appearance or health status.

Well, it is not that the ability to nurture, comfort, and accept people for who they are, rest solely with female massage practitioners. It is more proper to say that masseuses have the capability to easily embrace those traits than masseurs.  

It goes without saying, everyone feels vulnerable and exposed when they are bare. While many clients may not bother about the gender of the therapist in a facial massage, they all do get anxious when it comes down to a massage.

Very often, female clients fear that masseurs might cross the line in a massaging session. On the other hand, a massaging session with a female massage practitioner enables female clients to be more comfortable during the session and further rest assured that they are not being judged on account of their appearance.

Heterosexual men, however, request female massage practitioners because they are afraid that an alternate request could make them appear gay.

All this definitely goes on to say that female massage practitioners have quite a good number of advantages over masseurs.

Apart from the emotional and moral ties, female massage practitioners have the perfect hands for massaging. Their smaller hands compared to masseurs, and nimbler fingers, get deep into knots and relieve pain. With a gentle, and compassionate, yet firm touch, female massage practitioners dominate the massaging field around the globe.   

A renowned female massage practitioner, Cherie Sohen Moe says, “In addition to being a woman, I have the advantage of not having the Western society’s definition of what a fit female physique looks like. Many of my clients stated that an important factor in choosing me to work on their bodies was that they felt comfortable with me and assumed that I would not judge them”.

In fact, most clients feel vulnerability as they engage in a massaging session. They are being fully exposed, and they need someone who would speak words of compassion and work their fingers compassionately. And this trait is undeniably natural among female massage practitioners. Cherie says that one of the reasons why she was making a successful business out of her massaging therapies was that she accepted people for who they were and was not judgmental.

An incident in Cherie’s massaging career as narrated below goes on to affirm the power of acceptance.

An elderly client made an appointment with Cherie saying that she had heard of her to be a non-judgmental person.

After the massage session, Cherie recounts that the elderly client had a lot of body issues. She had even undergone mastectomy twice and her torso was ravaged. Nonetheless, Cherie worked gently on the elderly lady and gave her space for her emotions.

After all we would agree that massaging is not just about relieving oneself of their physical pain, in fact, unconsciously it’s also the relieving of mental pain.

Cherie’s elderly client-related later, that she was no longer ashamed of how she looked and affirmed the massaging session to be highly comfortable. And till death, the elderly lady entrusted her weekly massages to the hands of a caring, wonder-working, female massage practitioner, Cherie Sohen Moe.

We can very well derive from the incident the power and passion of being a female massage practitioner. Massaging is one of the fields where the fair members of the human race are being highly sought after. With their tender, firm hands they are able to relieve stress, eliminate toxins, and also give a sense of comfort and relaxation.

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