Add a reflexology massage to the to-do list

We have a gift for you. 

But…there is a clause to it. 

This coming weekend you need to leave your worries behind and visit the HealthCure Massage in Auckland. That’s it. 

Because what is waiting for you at this end is worth the time you take off from excel sheets and client briefs and the stress of what to get cooking for lunch. 

There is one of the best relaxation massages in Auckland awaiting you here and you will leave feeling your best. 

A solution to your work-from-home troubles 

As everyone is spending far too many hours on the laptop these days it is but natural for the body to be giving way to aches and pains. 

The lower back is the victim in this ordeal as continuous hours of sitting in one position without moving or taking breaks has their toll on this area. 

A deep tissue massage that targets these core muscles and the paraspinal muscles in the lower back is much called for relief. 

We thought out a list of reasons why a massage is no more a luxury but rather a necessity these days, and the list was endless. 

  • A massage can relieve your stress unlike any other form of therapy
  • Mental health has gone for a toss and there is nothing like a massage to help calm nerves and lessen the anxiety
  • If you are an athlete and have not been able to train in the past year owing to the curbs and lockdowns, a massage can help you gain back performance by enhancing flexibility in the joints 
  • A lower back deep tissue massage is one that penetrates into the deep core areas and helps blood flow
  • Glowing skin and youthful complexion is the result of a face massage 

When was the last time you got a deep tissue massage?

If your answer is a time span that is longer than 3 months, you need to pay attention to your body’s needs. Like every machine in the Universe, the body needs to be oiled for better performance. 

Like every other machine, if not given optimum rest and lubrication in the form of a massage, the body tends to succumb to the pressures and pains of daily life and this lowers its optimum performance. 

A reflexology massage combines ancient ways of therapy with modern oils to give you the benefit of the technique 

Also known as zone therapy, the reflexology technique is one that has existed for ages as an alternative medical practice that aimed to relieve pressure and stimulate blood flow in the deeper core areas by triggering the extremities. 

The technique works on the basis of the principle that the points on the extremities are connected to the interior tissues and muscles that are inaccessible during a massage. 

Brisk movements on these reflex points help the energy lines in the body to get activated and thus stimulate blood flow to the core. 

How does reflexology massage benefit the body? 

Apart from the fact that this massage technique is a perfect relaxation, reflexology has benefits that you may not see immediately but will definitely feel their effects in years to come.

  • Reflexology massage boosts the immune system
  • Help the body fight infections
  • Clears the sinus tissue 
  • Helps bring back the balance of hormones
  • Improves digestion and thus promotes the nutritional absorption
  • Enables lymph drainage and thus helps clear the body of waste 

Step away from worry and into the relaxation massage in Auckland 

You often have places claiming that they provide the best massage therapy. Before you venture to book an appointment always check the ambience. 

A massage is meant to be a soothing and calming and private experience. The ambience in which this takes place should be suited to the same. 

Mellow lighting and soft voices are what you can expect at the HealthCure Massage centre. Your privacy is respected at this East Auckland massage therapy centre and you will be tended to by the most experienced hands. 

The packages are curated for the common Australian who wishes to take a break and have a breather and return to the week energised and refreshed. 

With physiotherapists who have had hands-on training and experience in working magic through their hands and helping the joints perform better after a session, you are guaranteed to feel a difference after a massage session here. 

Your body needs the break. And you need to listen to it. 
Come experience a wholesome rejuvenating massage at HealthCure Massage in East Auckland where stress has no room.

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