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An Indian head massage is not acclaimed the world over for nothing! There is something magical about this massage that people cannot get over. Does the magic lie in the slow movements of the fingers or does it lie in the oils that lend their essence? 

We can only chance a guess. 

To enhance your knowledge of the Indian massage in Auckland, HealthCure Massage tells you briefly just why the oils used for the massage are so very special. 

Take your pick once you have made up your mind. 

Coconut oil: the savior of Indian massages in Auckland!

Used and known worldwide as one of the best oils for a massage, coconut oil is a star in the HealthCure Massage centre in Auckland. 

The Benefits of this oil being used for your massage are:

  • It is a great remedy for dry and damaged hair.
  • It provides sheen to the hair.
  • Coconut oil goes deep into the roots and eases headaches and stress
  • It nourishes the scalp from within
  • It provides a relaxing effect on the head and the neck. 

An amazing tool for your Indian head massage in Auckland

Jasmine oil for great relaxation therapy in Botany

A massage at Auckland’s HealthCure is incomplete without jasmine oil! 

The Benefits of this oil are: 

  • It is an antidepressant and thus calms your worries away
  • It is a wonderful idea after a long stressed day
  • Jasmine oil has a very soothing smell that you would want to be a part of your massage sessions

Mustard oil for your Indian massage in Auckland

A strong strong smell, yes! Mustard oil can be overwhelming. But it might just make your relaxation therapy in Botany much more relieving!

The benefits of the mustard oil are:

  • It generates heat. 
  • Causes the soreness to ease
  • Mustard oil also improves circulation and thus loosens up any knots and strains in the muscle

Are you ready for your Indian head massage in Auckland with almond oil? 

Relieving soreness and providing you with a calm sense is the highlight of using almond oil for a massage. 

The benefits of using almond oil for a massage are: 

  • Can be a great remedy for dry and frizzy hair
  • Can soothe and calm nerves
  • Can help the split ends! 

At Auckland’s HealthCure Massage, our therapists use brisk and slow movements coupled with relaxation techniques that will give you a great experience and get you away from all the stresses of every day!

The Benefits of an Indian head massage in Auckland

A multitude of benefits is what awaits you at Auckland’s HealthCure!

  • An Indian head massage helps provide relief from migraines. Only a migraine patient will know the severity of these headaches and just how bad they can get. 
  • An Indian head massage in Auckland helps the brain too. It improves circulation in the area and improves memory powers. 
  • Mental health is a great concern these days and for this purpose, the Indian head massage at Auckland’s HealthCure has been curated to suit the present generation. Anxiety, depression and other stresses are eased through the massage and you will be left feeling great! 
  • Have you ever wondered why those who have a routine head massage have luscious hair? That has something to do with the oils and the technique of the massage. The oils seep into the deeper layers of the scalp, nourishing them and helping them stay healthy! 

How to look for the ‘best Indian head massage near me’?

While you are tapping on that screen and trying to find an ‘Indian head massage near me’, don’t go through the trouble of browsing through scores of options. 

HealthCure Massage in Auckland offers you some first-class services that you can avail to get the best out of the massage. 

During an Indian head massage, our therapists use a range of hand movements to stimulate blood flow. 

These are:

  • Kneading of the neck
  • Squeezing of the tension points 
  • Prodding to stimulate blood flow
  • Manipulation of facial pressure points
  • Brisk rubbing of the scalp
  • Strokes
  • Acupressure 

Why go in for an Indian head massage at HealthCure Massage?

With the pressure of work-life and the curveballs that life throws every once in a while, what you need is some relaxation. 

You need to rejuvenate in an environment that is calm, cosy, comfortable and protects your privacy. We at HealthCure Massage offer this contact us. When you are here, you are our topmost priority and we will go to lengths to ensure you have a great experience! 

(Note: No sensual massages of any kind are offered here.)

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