When you think of relaxing, you often think of getting a massage. Over time, the body houses stress in parts that are in constant usage. There are ways to relax but nothing might reach your deep tissues the way a massage session does. While you put on the robe, read how a body massage session will impact your body and things you should do to get the best out of your massage session. 

  1. Schedule your sessions wisely
Schedule your sessions

Having a hectic day and planning on getting a massage right after work? Reconsider your plans. While massages can be physically and mentally liberating, it is important to pay attention to the time slots you select. The effects of an early morning appointment will fade as the day progresses. Whereas a therapy session after work hours will have more effect on your body. It is crucial to plan appointments and schedule your massage sessions in a way such that the benefits actually sink in.

2. Pyjamas can be the perfect post-massage wear

It is always recommended to wear comfortable clothes after a massage session. If you have planned on getting a massage after office hours, consider bringing comfortable clothes along. Wearing comfortable clothes right after a massage seals the comforting and relaxing effects experienced during the therapy. HealthCure encourages you to leave all your stress and soak into mindfulness.

3. Have an after massage playlist

Music does set the mood and therefore, it is important to select the right ones for the moment. No matter how much you are into it, listening to EDM after a massage therapy will shorten the after-effects of the session. It is recommended to rather listen to soft and refreshing music that can induce a sense of relaxation. By doing so, you are creating a comforting environment for your body to relax and not pick up on stress.

4. Hydration is the key


Water is responsible for opening more pores in the body that can help in relieving excess stress. As a massage therapy progresses, the tissues in the body experience dissipation of tightness. By drinking more water, the cells receive more than the usual amount of hydration that helps in further reducing tightness, enhancing the pleasurable sensation of relaxation.

5. Be selective with what you eat after a massage

eat after a massage

As the body relaxes, metabolic activities slow down from the constant cycle of burning calories and giving out energy. During their period, it is important to eat light meals. Heavy meals can cause lethargy and instant bloating, giving no time for the body to feel re-energized.

6. Have a massage calendar 

Exercising for a day and expecting long-lasting effects is unreal. Similarly, getting a massage over the weekend and expecting to feel relaxed throughout the year will be unreal as well. Whereas, getting massage therapy every month might make your body develop resistance. It is important to have a defined routine based on which you can plan in advance about the next therapy session.

7. Avoid triggers before and after the massage session

While it is important to let go of all stresses in the body during a session, it is equally important to not indulge in straining acts right before and after. By exposing yourself to stress triggers, you dampen the beneficial effects of body massage considerably. Getting a body massage counts as self-love and to retain its effects to the maximum,  make sure that you avoid any triggers.

8. It is equally important to avoid strenuous acts

Body massages loosen up muscles and eases tensions in ligaments. In fact, massage therapy is considered as a passive form of exercise. Hitting the gym right after a session will put sudden stress on the muscles, joints, and ligaments consequently causing wear and tear. It is rather advised to indulge in activities like taking a bubble bath, eating light meals and having at-home aromatherapy using fragrant candles.

9. Rest. Rest. And more rest.


Your body has just got relief from all the stresses it has been carrying in parts you might even not be aware of. As you feel more relaxed and in tune, it is highly recommended to rest as much as possible after a rub-down therapy to enhance the effects. Prioritise massage sessions and schedule nothing straining for the next 24 hours.

10. Bathe.

As the body relaxes, it oozes out skin oils, trapped dirt and sweat trapped in its pores. Bathing in warm water is ideal to remove debris that have been released after the massage. Developing an after-massage skincare routine is strongly advised so that residing debris can leave the skin without much effort. Use a light lotion to moisturise skin if the need arises.

11. Hormones may get you emotional and its normal

As the body lets go of stress, a spectrum of hormones are released that can make you emotional. While you may feel energized, relaxed and refreshed… chances are, you may just want to stare at the wall and cry. Experiencing such emotions during or after the massage session is absolutely normal. As the body gets rid of tension, it attends to  the underlying emotions.

12. The body can experience soreness

The human body keeps functioning even when you do not notice. When muscles get tight due to regular usage, they can constrict flow of blood in vessels. Such blockage restricts circulatory system from retrieving and flossing out toxins from the body. During massage therapy, deep tissues are stimulated and they release tensions that they have been held on to. As a reaction, the skin becomes tender and gets sore by virtue of the fact that toxins are being flushed out. It is normal to feel sore either on the same day or on the day after and it will ease as days pass. Note that as the frequency of massages increase, you may feel sore less often and that too is normal.

While it may sound fancy to indulge in massage sessions we can never put enough emphasis on how important it is for your body. HealthCure understands how stress can affect the body and the mind. Our services are elaborate and with a team of trained experts, you can rest on the table without having to worry about anything. Body massages is a form of self-care and self love that is worth investing in to lead a healthy and happy life. 

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