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Sports is a great way to keep your body active and healthy. Any type of sport that pushes the body to do more work subjects the muscles and joints to more than usual tension and stress due to which the body may experience aches and soreness later.

An active sports player may undergo various bodywork treatments to ease body pain. One such popular bodywork treatment is sports massage, in which various types of hand moments are used to stimulate pressure points on the body with the intention of easing muscle ache and soreness.

HealthCure Sports Massage Auckland offers specialised sports massage that focuses on healing pain points and also delivers undeniable benefits to your body. 

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage can be defined as a type of bodywork massage technique with its focus on treating soft tissue aches, pain, and injuries that are often associated with recreational activities. Sports massage can very well reduce stiffness from muscles and induce muscle and joints relaxation by reducing the heart rate and blood pressure. Sports massage also helps the body to prepare for athletic activities. Sports massage is also responsible for releasing endorphins, also known as the ‘painkilling’ hormones. Endorphins are known for their property to provide pain relief and also help with the mood.

What is the difference between sports massage and deep tissue massage?

Why they may sound similar and give the illusion of being the same, there are lots of differences between sports massage and deep tissue massage.

The basis of differentiation between these two massages lies in the area they focus in. Sports massage and deep tissue massage aim at providing bodywork resolve with different goals. 

While sports massage focuses on:

  • Boosting the rate of recovery in athletes/non-athletes
  • Aims at improving overall performance during any physical activity
  • Helps in flushing out pain (without the use of any medication) and the overall effects on the body due to physical exertion
  • Prepares the body for every day activities by increasing muscle stamina
  • Helps in understanding which part of the body is in need of rest and which part will need deep tissue massage

Sports massage focuses on injuries that result from sports activities while deep tissue massage focuses on chronic muscle tension and stress reduction

A deep tissue massage focuses highly on injuries, aches, and soreness that comes from everyday activities and may be tagged as strains, sprains, and whiplash-type of pains.

Can non-athletes undergo sports massage as well?

While sports massage has earned its name from being a popular massage type for athletes, it doesn’t necessarily mean only athletes can relish the benefits from sports massage. A person who occasionally indulges in sports too can undergo sports massage at HealthCure Sports Massage Auckland.

For someone who wants to heal from body aches and soreness but doesn’t want to undergo deep tissue massage, sports massage can very well be the way out. The massage treats body aches and body soreness for a quicker recovery rate.

What is DOMS?

DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is when the body experiences waves of soreness after 24 hours of indulging in an intense workout or sports activities.

The most common cause of DOMS is often attributed to trauma in the muscle fibers, causing them to swell and experience soreness. DOMS results from eccentric exercises and a drop in oxygen stores in the body. Lactic acid does play a part in the process but isn’t responsible for causing DOMS.

While DOMS is not a serious condition, the pain and discomfort one has to undergo before the body bounces back is worth taking precautions against it. Sports massage helps in greatly preventing the onset of DOMS in most cases.

What Are The Benefits of Sports Massage?

Sports massage helps the body bounce back to ache and soreness-free state, there are also other benefits of getting a sports massage, these are:

  • Sports massage isn’t the usual type of massage and thus only a trained sports massage therapist can do it
  • You can schedule the sports massage at your convenience
  • The sports massage therapist will ask you solid questions that are crucial to determining the type of massage movements that can work best for you
  • A sports massage session can also include movement, resistance exercise, stretching, mobilisations movements in addition to usual sports massage movements
  • An essential part of sports massage is stretching, which in the long run if done regularly can make your body more flexible
  • A sports massage can very well help in alleviating pain and quickens the rate of recovery from injuries
  • Sports massage reduces pain significantly and can aim in better sleep for you
  • In women athletes, sports massage can help with the monthly cycle of fatigue and bloating


Sports massage is a gift. In fact, research has shown how muscle soreness can be treated and you can undergo systematic rehabilitation through sports massage techniques. 

Sports massage is all about bringing your body back to health after it has undergone extensive physical activities. The massage is also beneficial for people who are seeking pain relief but aren’t up for deep tissue massage. At HealthCure Sports Massage Auckland, we provide effective and practical sports massage treatments that help your body bounce back.

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