Is your therapist adopting these very useful massage knick-knacks during your massage in Botany?

One word to solve every physical and mental problem – massage.  

There is a reason massages have been in existence since almost the beginning of time and continue to be ever so popular. Is your therapist doing it the right way, though? 

Contrary to what many believe, massages are not just a deal of ‘pressing and applying pressure, but rather a careful precise kneading that is involved. 

Here you will become aware of some very effective massage therapies and why they need to be a part of your next session. 

The very effective remedial massage 

Focusing on the superficial as well as the deep layers of tissue and muscle, the remedial massage addresses every pain that exists in these core areas. 

If you have experienced a trauma of some sort in the form of surgery and the tissues are regaining their pliability, the remedial massage helps the blood flow to these. 

Effleurage as part of the relaxation therapy in Botany

The purpose of the effleurage is to increase muscle temperature and increase blood flow to the superficial tissues. 

The specifics of effleurage are:

  • Gentle kneading of the superficial tissues
  • Increases tissue elasticity 
  • Increases tissue flexibility
  • Breaks adhesion that may be present between tissues
  • Relieves tightness

The circular movements ensure constant pressure on the area and a relaxing experience. 

Wringing is key during your massage in Botany 

A therapy synonymous with its name, wringing is a common massage technique to relieve stress in the head and neck region. 

The technique is done by placing hands at two points and lifting the area, pulling to the centre in opposite directions. 

The specifics of the wringing technique are: 

  • Varying pressure in order to avoid pain during the process
  • Relieving muscle knots that may be built of hard tissue
  • Relieving tightness in the area
  • Increasing blood flow to the area
  • Facilitating lymph drainage

Kneading during the hot stone massage in Auckland 

Coupling the effects of squeezing and pulling, the kneading technique is another popular massage technique not just limited to massage centres and therapists but even during our daily attempts to relieve a headache or slight back pain. 

The specifics of the kneading technique are: 

  • The squeezing and pulling duo work together to create a friction 
  • The friction promotes the tissues to get a rich supply of blood and oxygen
  • This technique is great for athletes as muscle flexibility is promoted

Hot stone massage in Auckland involves basalt stones being placed along the spine. The stones are a favourable option as they retain heat. 


The heat given off steadily by these basalt pieces causes blood flow to improve as a result of expanding the blood vessels. The physics principle of heat causing the tube to expand is employed in this process. 

How could one forget the Swedish massage?

A relaxation massage in Botany that treats the body systems as a whole is what you need as weekend relaxation. 

The Swedish massage has been acclaimed the world over for its efficient addressal of every body ailment. 

Here’s why the massage should be the one in your bucket list: 

  • Decreases the tension that built up between the muscles during your stressful week
  • Pressure can be altered depending on your comfort level
  • Enables the release of hormones that are responsible for the stress-busting
  • Fostering mental health by way of reducing stress

The ever-so-relieving pregnancy massage in Auckland

A therapeutic massage is any therapy that aims to help you in some way, whether this is physically or psychologically. 

During the pregnancy period, expectant mothers deal with numerous emotions at a time. Relaxation is vital during this time. 

The massage not only focuses on tension areas such as the lower back which is under tremendous strain, and the legs which are carrying the weight of the entire body, but also the mental state of mind of the to-be mother. 

The therapeutic massage employs gentle pressure but in the right areas. And this makes it a great go-to for the alleviation of pain. 

When are you stopping by for foot reflexology

The ancient principle of influencing the energy lines that exist between the extremities of the body and the deep tissues is used in the foot reflexology technique. 

The flow of blood and energy to the deep areas is key and several deeper pains are addressed through this method. 

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