Pregnancy is a time of joy and satisfaction, but it does bring with it an ample amount of anxiety, tension, aches and pains. At Auckland’s Healthcure Massage, we understand these pregnancy blues, and you are not alone! With the right amount of pampering, scented candles, heated toppers, dim lighting, a relaxing atmosphere, and a very professional pregnancy massage, you will soon be left feeling better than ever, and able to enjoy this unique phase of life. 

Why is pregnancy massage beneficial?

Pregnancy massages have a bounty of benefits that will only leave you feeling refreshed. Along with alleviating muscle cramps, aches, pains, soreness and stiffness, a pregnancy massage offers you some scientifically proven advantages. During pregnancy, it is a well-known fact that anxiety takes over. 

The contributing reasons could be a spike or fall in hormone levels. At Healthcure Massage, the therapy aims at lowering these anxiety hormones and increasing the production of good hormones in their stead. 

Due to the buildup of fluids, many expectant mothers feel discomfort, a heightened neuron activity and are a bundle of emotions. While you may feel these are out of your control, this isn’t the case. A pregnancy massage in Auckland to the rescue! Nerve pain can be a harrowing experience, as the leg muscles start to get compressed due to the pressure of the uterus on the pelvic floor. 

A massage by experienced professionals not only helps release the tension in the muscles but also enables you to get the energy back into your life!

Top 6 benefits of a pregnancy massage would be

  1. Reducing muscle cramps, aches and pains
  2. Increasing the levels of good hormones
  3. Achieving a balance of neuron activity
  4. Re-energising you  
  5. Facilitating an easy delivery
  6. Relaxing you in body and mind

How does pregnancy massage work?

While the mechanisms and the hows and whys of massage therapy are still not widely known, there is substantial proof that massages work. Anything ranging from a deep tissue massage with firm strokes to a Swedish massage with long strokes, to massages that stimulate the natural energy of the body, can help with any physical and emotional stress you may be under during the pregnancy. 

We understand if your mind is plagued with worries about the massage being awkward, or any other inhibitions you may have. However, prenatal massages at Healthcure Massage are crafted to your needs, and you can be rest assured to feel all relaxed while your ligaments and muscles are being taken care of. 

Massage professionals encourage a side-lying position during the massage for the best effectiveness. 

A great gift for a pregnant friend!

You may often find yourself racking your brains as to a good gift for your friend who is preggers. Well, what better than a pregnancy massage! This would not only relax your friend or loved one, but also greatly ease the delivery process when the time comes. A therapeutic enjoyment, the perfect little present!

During a prenatal massage, less pressure is applied than in a normal massage. Different points are stimulated, and there is a level of sensitivity and gentleness that is employed. 

When to avoid a pregnancy massage?

If you are in the high-risk pregnancy category, or in the first trimester and do not feel comfortable with a massage, or suffer from problems such as hypertension or light-headedness etc, you can take a second call if you really want to go in for a massage. There’s always your comfort that comes first!

At Healthcure Massage, we guarantee you a pleasant experience with every comfort we can provide to you. There’s no need to be stressed with the thought of the massage triggering contractions or kick-starting labour. 

The best specialists with loads of experience are here at Healthcure Massage to give you a relaxing experience that you will cherish forever, and maybe even keep coming back for more!

A pregnancy massage would cover the following:

  1. Making the pregnancy phase a comfortable one for you
  2. Providing you with a bounty of benefits such as reducing aches and pains and any pent up anxiety
  3. Spoiling you for choice with a range of massage techniques to choose from
  4. Letting you gift your pregnant friend some relaxing, great times
  5. Enabling you to live this phase of life to the fullest

Why choose a pregnancy massage at Healthcure Massage Auckland?

At Healthcure Massage, quality individualised services are provided for every need of yours. With treatment tailored to perfection, the pros are the first-class treatment you get along with the massage. The special cushioning, aromatic therapy and absolute gentleness are the unsaid perks. The staff go above and beyond to make sure you’re feeling fine and your needs are always given preference. 

While there are but many centres for pregnancy massages in East Auckland, the Healthcure Massage centre stands out due to the completely personalised service offered. 
Contact us for any queries you may have and book your massage today!

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