“Almost 40 years ago in a meditation and leadership training I had a deep experience of my soul fully resting down into my body, vibrant and alive”, Suzanne Scurlock.

In her blog, Suzanne mentioned that she once had a peak experience that she would never forget, and she asserted that it had inspired her inner growth and spiritual path ever since.

Aren’t you excited to explore what brought Suzanne such an experience? Come on, let’s leap!

Since the age of 17, Suzanne learnt many different systems of meditation, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and spiritual practices.

And in the year 1980, on one sunny afternoon, she experienced a superfluous incident. She said that it was deeply imprinted in her system that she could never leave it behind.

We are now going to look at what brought such an experience in her life.

The Entirely Existing Soul

It’s well-known that as human beings, we are innately meant to live from within our bodies. When the soul is completely present within, the present moment wisdom becomes easily accessible. In fact, each and every single cell of the person we are has the intelligence that informs about living optimally.

Suzanne, therefore, left behind all the systems that taught her to ignore her inner wisdom or watch her body from a safe distance. On one such endeavour, when Suzanne was undergoing her early meditation practices, she found herself being disembodied and looking down on herself from the vantage point of the ceiling in the room where she was taking the posture of a lotus, saying her mantras, over and over again. She clearly understood then, that she had headed in the wrong direction, even though it was many years before she realized that she had a full body-soul experience.

The modern Western culture conspires to disengage from bodily experiences, which contributes to losing the present moment of sensation. Right the way you judge everything around you and live disengaged in your heads, to the speed of technology- all of this adds to the loss of current flash of consciousness.

Now that we know what keeps us away from the present times, let us learn of the soul embodiment process that helped Suzanne achieve a peak experience.

The Soul Embodiment Process


On a regular basis, ensure to breathe as easily and deeply as you can. Yoga could help you achieve this. Suzanne asserted that breathing helped her get back in the right direction, back when she was 17 years old and had that life-sucking traumatic experience. 

She said that the rhythmic, codified breaths of Hatha yoga brought her back to breathing in a healthy manner and as well as feeling her body again.


All sorts of body movements, be it dancing, walking, running, swimming, all help going in the right direction. Suzanne said that the work of Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper with Continuum Movement was one of her primary paths for studying what she could feel in her inner landscape. She mentioned that she encountered ecstatic movements that helped her breakthrough rules that she had made for herself about connection and movement. 


Engage in making joyful sounds. Sing, hum, play some musical instruments. They change your brain chemistry, your sense of safety, and the level of embodiment.


Suzanne said that being aware and willing to feel the internal signals could be challenging when there are unpleasantness and discomfort. Nonetheless, she said that this helps to engrave the fact that pain and joy could yet live in the same neighbourhood, in the body.

“If I am unwilling to hold and have compassion for my own discomfort and pain, I also will most likely miss out on my joy and tenderness. A vulnerability has been recently identified as a central part of living in a wholehearted manner. Once again, if we push away our vulnerability, it limits our ability to live fully from our whole heart. This, in turn, limits our joy”, said Suzanne.


Most often curiosity helps to stay out of judgment. Suzanne feels that being judgmental separates her from the present moment experience. Whereas if you are curious, it would open your awareness to other possible avenues.


Optimism has been linked to trust and hope in recent days. Suzanne says more possibilities open up when she believes her inner guidance system.

But, when you feel anxious and fearful, all positive doors slam shut and you have a very narrow lens to your future.

Today, do what you can

Instead of worrying and fearing, take some time to think of what you could do to remove the barriers and strive to live an abundant life. With the grace of the Almighty, commit to whatever you can do today to deepen your present moment consciousness.

The more you understand the plans Almighty had when He sent you to this world, the easier and fuller life becomes.

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