Here is the answer to your ‘deep tissue massage near me’ query

It hurts. 

Yes, we have all been there. 

Long work hours, pregnancy, a sedentary lifestyle owing to work-from-home can cause our bodies to stiffen up. 


Muscle knots that necessitate a deep tissue massage therapy

What are muscle knots?

The body is comprised of numerous muscles. Often, certain areas that are sensitive start to contract even when the muscle is at rest. These areas turn into hardened spots that hurt when touched, and this forms a muscle knot. 

A deep tissue massage in Auckland is designed exactly for these knots and to relieve the pressure that is built up. 

What causes muscle knots?

The muscles of the body can get knotted due to a range of factors. These are as follows: 

Poor posture: A regular 9-5 puts more strain and stress on the back muscles than you can imagine. Sitting in this posture on a regular basis not only gives your spine a curve but leads to muscle knots in the back. 

A lower back deep tissue massage works in this area near the tailbone to provide relief and ease any knots. 

Sedentary lifestyle: Work-from-home norms have seen professionals sitting in one spot for hours on end. This is why every professional is advised to have a relaxation massage Auckland at least once in a fortnight to relieve the stress of any kind. 

Dehydration: A deep tissue massage is a great way to get rid of those muscle knots. But you know what else is?


Not a fan of drinking water? 

Well, now would be a good time to start. 

Hydration is key to improving any ailment in the body. Water is often underestimated but has immense potential in what it can do to help aches and pains. 

Deep tissue massage therapy: one of the top therapies for muscle knots

Fortunately, muscle knots are not permanent and there are treatments that can ease the pain and loosen the knot. Here are some:

Deep tissue massage in Auckland

HealthCure Massage offers therapy so advanced, it will help you immensely with managing your pain. The team at HealthCure is patient, warm and extremely professional. We treat every patient with the utmost care and pampering services. 

As part of the team, there are massage therapists who are excellent and trained in this particular area of massage – deep tissue massage. This massage is exceptionally meant for muscle knots as it employs firm pressure and slow strokes. 

This technique works like a miracle on the glutes, connective tissues, the hamstrings and the underlying muscles. It eases the tension between the deeper layers, improves blood flow and helps oxygen make its way to these deprived areas. 

Say goodbye to the aches and pains with a relaxation massage in Auckland’s HealthCure Massage. 

The other treatments for alleviating pain caused due to muscle knots are: 

  • Rest and a break from usual activities
  • Stretching can help release the tension in the knots
  • Aerobic exercise that works the areas where knots are present
  • A muscle rub can be great to break the hardened contractures that bind the tissues to form a knot. This can be done during deep tissue massage therapy. 
  • Hot and cold therapy works wonders on these knots
  • Releasing the pressure by triggering specific areas is also a great way to go about muscle knots. This is done by a skilled practitioner during the relaxation massage in Auckland

Need a lower back deep tissue massage? Do not delay 

How often have you found yourself putting your hand to your lower back, adjusting your position, doing a little stretch, going back to work, and having just a minute’s relief? 

It happens. 

A lower back deep tissue massage focuses on the muscles that are present in the lower region around the spine. The following persons should have this massage from time-to-time owing to the nature of their professions:

  • Construction workers
  • IT professionals
  • Nursing home workers
  • Drivers
  • Dentists
  • Accountants

If you are complaining of severe back pain these days and balm have x CV no relief, do not worry. A deep tissue massage in Auckland can fix you and get the spring back in your step. 

Why wait? 

Let us have the pleasure of pampering you with our services this coming weekend. With a range of therapies and massages and a team that is dedicated to the cause of making you feel better, nothing can come in the way of relaxation anymore.  

Contact us prior to dropping in and we will have everything ready for your rejuvenation session!

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