The benefits of the process, the result it has on sore muscles and more

You’re an athlete and you have been feeling a tightness in your hamstrings or your glutes. No, it is not simply something you have to deal with just because you are engaged in sports and yes, there is something that can help. 


These have been acclaimed and popular not simply for the ‘relaxation’ athletes’ experiences post it but rather the effects they seem to have on their performance, physique, and muscle power. 

How does the therapy help an athlete?

The issue that most professionals seem to face is tightness in the mussels which builds over time as the profession requires constant performance. The muscles are contracting often. This tightness can be alleviated by simply enabling the blood flow around the area. 

The techniques employed are those which help the blood flow, constrictions to be broken down, scar tissue to be broken and the pores to be opened up thus enabling tissues to be supplied with rich oxygen. 

Another reason for pain could be that the buildup of waste is much. When the muscles contract or during exercise, even for people who aren’t engaged in rigorous activities, they’d notice that the legs get sore and cramp up. This is because the muscles go through anaerobic respiration during exercise and this causes a lactic acid buildup, causing cramps and soreness. 

For sportspersons, since hardcore exercise is such a daily phenomenon, the stiffness can sometimes get too bad and lead to pain. A massage facilitates the movement of blood, fluids, and also the drainage of waste from the tissues. 

This greatly reduces the soreness as the tissues are now being supplied with oxygen-rich blood. 

How often should you get a sports massage? 

Meant as therapy and relaxation and not an instant fix to muscle spasms, if you feel that the process helps the pain but post the therapy you find it returning, reach out to a medical expert as massage dependency is not encouraged. 

Once a week to once in a fortnight is how often sportspersons should go in for rejuvenation. For those who aren’t engaged in rigorous training but rather daily lightweight kind, once a month or even twice in a month is sufficient.

HealthCure Massage is a  therapy center in Botany that gives you exactly what is described by the therapist. Physiotherapists are present to make the experience more therapeutic than mere relaxation and leisure. 

The joints in the body require a certain degree of expertise and in the case of sportspersons more so. 

It is for this reason, we at HealthCure assure you that the very best and well-trained professionals will be seeing to you. Any injuries, medical advice or sensitive areas should be communicated to the therapist before the session begins. You are in expert care. 

It is when you are well-rested that you perform optimally! Revive yourself for what awaits.

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