A lower back deep tissue massage is just what you need to beat the blues

Massages are relaxing. Who doesn’t want to feel the warmth of hot oils and the gentle yet firm touch in the area of the muscles of the spinal column and around the body?

A deep tissue massage has managed to make it to the list of the most popular and in-demand massages. 

Here’s why a deep tissue massage is popular

The body is made up of layers of tissues and muscles. Often, a massage targets the layers of tissues that are on the surface. However, this superficial massage therapy is good for a quick fix. 

A deep tissue massage on the other hand is one that aims to go right to the underlying layers of tissues and target the pains, the knots and the tensions in the muscles there. 

The benefits of the deep tissue massage are: 

  • Breaks up any scar tissue that has been formed over the years and is causing pain
  • Heals injured muscles 
  • Helps in movement 
  • Benefits the brain in numerous ways 

A deep tissue massage therapy helps lower the stress hormones 

You have often been witness to the claim that a massage has the power of improving well-being and reducing stress. 

Here is how this takes shape: 

  • A deep tissue massage stimulates the brain’s production of hormones
  • The hormone cortisol is reduced significantly 
  • This hormone is responsible for causing stress
  • When the levels are lowered, the body is calmed down 

A deep tissue massage therapy as a palliative care in mental disorders 

The role of massages in helping those who suffer from mental disorders is still being researched. However, the results seem promising. 

They indicate that: 

  • Massaging the feet of people with autism can promote the production of oxytocin, and this hormone can provide them with the feeling of trust, empathy. This helps their condition. 
  • Massaging the feet of those who have dementia can produce feel-good hormones. These help with stress and agitation. 

A lower back deep tissue massage can work as a reflexology technique 

Reflexology is the therapy as part of which the stimulation of certain points or areas of the body, can have an effect on the deeper tissues and organs of the body and cause the blood flow to improve. 

Reflexology helps the brain by: 

  • The stimulation of certain points on the lower back can cause brain activity to be influenced
  • The brain waves change
  • This induces sleep and relaxation 
  • This puts the body into a calm state, calms anxiety and helps the body feel positive 

Stronger connections to the brain are found in the deeper tissues 

During deep tissue massage therapy, the focus is on the underlying tissues of the body. 


In these underlying areas, there are nerves that have their connections to the brain. Having the effects of the massage reach these nerves affects how the brain produces hormones and endorphins. 

A lower back deep tissue massage helps toxins drain 

There are toxins accumulated in the body as a result of different body functions and processes. The lymphatic system is responsible for draining these toxins and clearing the body of them. 

During a deep tissue massage, the strokes that the therapist employs are to facilitate the drainage of the toxins and help the body be cleared. 

Oftentimes, a majority of the complications that we experience on a day-to-day basis are due to the improper drainage of these toxins. They accumulate, obstruct blood flow and cause an overall hampering of the optimal working of the body. A deep tissue massage therapy can help. 

A massage centre that aims to give you what you’re looking for 

HealthCure Massage is a massage clinic in Botany that has helped people improve their well-being with a massage. You can leave the various stresses and tensions of everyday life at the door and enter the HealthCure Massage centre, where you can experience true relaxation. 

At the HealthCure Massage centre, you can drive the blues away with: 

How can a sports massage in Botany help the brain? 

In athletes, for optimum performance, there needs to be perfect coordination between the mind and the body. Thus, a massage is the best resort. 

sports massage in Botany: 

  • Helps the tendons, the ligaments and the muscles be well-oiled so that they do not sustain an injury
  • Help the brain be active and focused
  • Pays special attention to the areas that are susceptible to injury and sprains 

A calm environment that respects your privacy

We understand that a massage is something that is personal and thus your privacy is our utmost concern. You can rest assured we do not operate in a shady environment. 

The ambience is adjusted to suit the vibe of what is taking place – a rejuvenation of the mind and the body.

Your deep tissue massage is awaiting you. Head on to the HealthCure Massage Botany and get ready to experience a full relaxation of mind and body. 

Be open to this revitalisation, and you will be witness to just how beneficial a massage can be. 

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