A massage in Pakuranga seems a great option to get those sore tissues rejuvenated

Athletes are often under a huge amount of pressure with the tight schedules they have. With tournaments and training filling their day, it is expected that an athlete should have optimum performance through these.

If you are an athlete who finds yourself constantly juggling tight-fit schedules that have you under pressure and have a sore body due to the intense workout schedule, or even if you are an athlete who just wants to optimise your performance even further, a sports massage in Auckland is what you need. 

Here is what you should be knowing about a sports massage before you get one. 

The timing is important 

While a massage is rejuvenating and done by thorough professionals, you do not want to get one done just before the day of the sporting event. You want to have ample time for your body to recoup and get into the flow of things. 

Let the therapist know about any sore areas or trigger points

Once the therapist is well aware of the sore areas, they will decide on the massage accordingly. For instance, if you are a sports person engaged in activities that cause a strain in your lower back, a lower back deep tissue massage may be what you should go in for. 

If you have been told of any medical advice that you should be paying heed to, discuss this with your therapist. 

Be calm before your massage 

A deep tissue massage therapy necessitates that you are relaxed physically as well as mentally before the session. 

If you are anxious or preoccupied, the massage will not be able to run its course of rejuvenation. 

A Sports Massage in Auckland aims at mobilising the tissues

Along with the usual presses and breaking of adhesions, there are various stretches involved in a sports massage. 

These involve resistant exercises and many of these are aimed at helping the toughened contractures break and letting the tissues feel better and mobilised. 

You will be able to find a way out of the pain 

During sports activities, athletes are usually faced with the challenge of being flexible. This strain on the joints and tissues causes pain that begins to manifest days following the massage. 

At HealthCure Massage Botany, you will find that massage therapy is aimed at treating pain and soreness and numbness in the tissues and joints and muscles. Apart from treating the pain experienced, a massage also aims at improving the overall well being and physical and muscular health. 

Great sleep post a massage!

The one amazing aspect after any massage is the sleep that you get. A massage floods positive hormones into your body and these tone down the stress hormones that cause anxiety and tension. Sleep is a must for every athlete before a sporting event for performance to be optimum. 

What better way than a massage!

A Sports Massage in Auckland calms the nerves

Before any sporting event, a fair share of nerves is normal. However, you do not want these to take over and take away from you concentrating on the game. 

A massage deals with the frenzy in your mind, promoting the release of happy hormones, and this gives you a chance to breathe freely and calm down your nerves. 

It also helps you remove the excess worry from your mind and solely focus on giving your best to the game. 

Are you getting your sports massage in Botany’s HealthCure Massage?

While choosing the massage centre where you will be getting your massage done, ensure that you are choosing right. 

In the case of a sports massage particularly, there are various technicalities of the body to be paid attention to and this if not done by experienced physiotherapists or professionals can bring about an opposite result.

The ambience of the massage centre is vital to be considered as you are coming to the centre for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, 

Once you are finished with your massage session, you can expect to experience the following benefits:

  • Increased joint range of motion
  • Decreased muscle pains and spasms
  • Decreased pain and soreness in the areas of the body
  • Increased flexibility 
  • Improved mood
  • A drive to do better 
  • Less stress and pressure 
  • Rejuvenation and relaxation

Often sportspersons need specific areas tended to due to their course of action, and at the sports massage in Auckland, this will be taken care of well.

When are you coming over to get a massage done? 

Experience the true meaning of massages here at Botany’s premier massage centre. We believe in helping you feel better.

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