Working twelve hours a day on your desk for six days in a week is surely going to drain the life out of you. You feel the stress boiling up and waiting to burst open like the pressure cooker that has reached its peak.

Now, don’t tax your body and mind to such extents. Take some time to calm and recuperate. You might say that you can’t afford a holiday every week to calm your nerves. But you don’t need one. I’m going to reveal to you a big secret that’s bound to give you a refreshing life amid your cumbersome work.

Healthcure Essential Oil Massages!

Are you anxious to get rid of all your stress and erase the traces of tiresome days? Well, you can never go wrong with a good essential oil massage. 

Let us check out the different kinds of oil massages with us Read to find what would suit you best.

1. Deep Tissue Oil Massage

If you suffer from chronic muscle problems, like soreness or injury, deep tissue massage would do well. You can be relieved from tight muscles, chronic muscle pain, and anxiety.

The massage therapist usually uses slow strokes and deep finger pressure to relieve tension from the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues. The deep tissue massage can last for duration of 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

Deep tissue oil massage is much intense compared to that of Swedish massage, but you shouldn’t feel any pain or soreness during the massaging session, it needs to be highly relaxing. So be on the alarm to avoid this massage if you are overly sensitive to pressure.

Ginger Deep Tissue Massage Oil is employed for deep tissue massage. This essential oil is composed of a powerful blend of rich, organic oils and stimulating oil extracts. This essential oil helps to warm and soothe your aching muscles with its rich consistency.

2. Reflex Oil massage

Reflexology or reflex massage is best if you are looking to relax and restore your natural energy levels. This would be a good choice of action if you are not comfortable being touched on your entire body.

In reflex massage, the therapist uses gentle to firm pressure on different pressure points on your feet, hands, and ears. It would be advisable to wear loose and comfortable clothing during the massage session so as to allow access to your legs.

The reflex massage can last for duration of half an hour to one hour. Generally, peach kernel oil, coconut oil, and grape seed oil are employed in reflexology.

3. Sports Oil Massage

For those experiencing repetitive injury to a muscle from playing a sport, sports essential oil massage is highly recommended. Even those who are prone to get injured in the sports field can avail a sports therapeutic massage to prevent sports injuries.

This massage greatly alleviates pain, anxiety, and muscle tension while increasing muscle flexibility. You can take up a full body massage or a segmented one that concentrates on the parts of your body that needs attention. Your therapist would use deep pressure alternated with soothing strokes for a duration ranging from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

The Sports Essential Massage Oil consisting of Juniper berry, Rosemary, and Black Pepper, helps to detoxify, improve blood circulation, and warm your muscles. They are designed to aid quick physical recovery and prevent injury with gentle warming action and thus promoting healthy muscle function.

4. Pregnancy Oil Massage

As a mom-to-be, you might be stressed during your gestation period on account of fluctuating hormones. Besides, cramps and pain can also make the gestation period quite uncomfortable. To ease the prenatal stages, you can opt for a pregnancy massage.

Mild pressure as that employed in Swedish massage is practiced in prenatal massage. The therapist would focus on your lower back, hips, and legs. Depending on your comfort level, you can choose to be fully or partially undressed.

You will be asked to lie on your side on a specially designed table with a cutout for your tummy. Supposing you experienced pain in your calves or other parts of your legs, I advise you to visit your medic before you come to us for a massage. Your prenatal massage can last for duration of 45 minutes to 60 minutes. 

Citrus oils like tangerine and neroli, frankincense, common lavender are various essential oils that are used in prenatal massage.

5. Shiatsu Massage

This is yet another wonderful kind of massage that helps you to feel relaxed and relieve stress, pain, and tension.

Shiatsu massage is of a Japanese origin that highly promotes emotional and physical calmness. This massage reduces muscle tension and relieves you of headaches. All stress, anxiety, and depression can also be alleviated.

While Shiatsu works on your entire body, you will find your therapist working on areas of your body that needs extra attention. Your therapist would use his/her hands, palms, and thumbs in a pulsing and rhythmic fashion.

In this massage, you can be fully clothed since no essential oil is used. And typically, Shiatsu lasts for a duration of 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

Essential oils make your therapeutic massages a hundred times effective. Let off steam at Healthcure!

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