A hot stone massage and the magic that is!

Breathe in. Breathe out.

The masseuse asked them to let go of any anxiety or trouble that plagued their mind. “Only then,” she said, “will you be able to truly relax.”

Have you found the best massage in Auckland yet? 

What is a massage?

A question as basic as any you have come across. A massage may imply something different to everyone, and there is no one standard definition. 

Here are the different ways people may perceive a massage: 

  • Therapeutic, as it alleviates aches and pains that even medicines do not have any effect on. A hot stone massage in Botany works this way.
  • Relaxing, as it gives people a chance to put their feet up and be pampered. This is very similar to what HealthCure Massage Botany aims to provide. 
  • Nostalgic as it reminds some of their mother’s and grandmother’s touch and possibly family hair oiling sessions.
  • Palliative care, in illnesses where nothing medical can be done further to help the body heal. 

Whatever a massage means to you, HealthCure Massage will aim to amplify that feeling to a level where you begin to feel one with yourself. From an array of massages that are offered here at HealthCure Massage Botany, there is one that stands out – hot stone massage. 

What is the concept of a hot stone massage? 

Even if you have not experienced it for yourself, you may have definitely seen pictures of a hot stone massage therapy. 

In the course of this massage, smooth, flat stones that are heated just to the right temperature, are laid along the backbone. 


A remarkable therapeutic effect is seen. 

Here is what unfolds during a hot stone massage in Auckland: 

  • Basalt stones are placed along the spinal column. They have the ability to retain heat and thus are a preferable choice. 
  • The concept of the hot stone massage is that heat enables the blood vessels to expand, thus improving blood flow. 
  • The blood reaches the tissues and organs easily, thus taking care of any ailments or decaying tissue. 
  • Since the vessels are expanded, the toxins are able to drain out easily, thus clearing the body of waste. 
  • Since blood flow is improved and waste is drained, the body is left cleaner than ever before and this improves boils, acne, etc.

Thus, a hot stone massage Auckland heals in a countless way. 

Are you ready? 

To get the best out of a massage in Auckland here is the challenge

A hot stone massage Botany can only work for you provided you are ready to be relieved of the tension and stress and do away with the anxieties. 

Here is how a massage heals you mentally: 

  • A hot stone therapy accesses the soft tissues of the body. 
  • This helps in the emotional energy to have a route out of the body. 
  • Humans have senses which are stimulated with the right touches. 
  • During a massage, due to the stimulation of the tissues, body memory is unlocked and so are emotions. 
  • Triggering the subconscious can be a great way of relieving mental and emotional trauma and a hot stone massage Botany can be a wonderful way of doing this. 

Why should you be ready to let the stress out before a hot stone massage in Botany?

The purpose of a massage is to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from within. If you are going to have stresses and anxieties or inhibitions of any kind, there is a good chance that a massage will do no good. 

Before you decide to drop in for a hot stone massage in Auckland’s HealthCure Massage, here is what we need from you:

  • Do not be anxious. The massage will make you feel refreshed. 
  • There is nothing ‘out of the way’ that will be done. 
  • Your privacy will be taken care of. 
  • If you have health complications, let us know in advance so we can accommodate these. 
  • Relax. You are in safe hands. 
  • A non-judgemental atmosphere prevails at HealthCure. You can be comfortable. 
  • Nothing can go wrong. It can only get better. 

Are you ready to leave these inhibitions and let your body unwind? 

We are ready for you. 

Your hot stone massage is awaiting you. 

The only thing you need to do is believe that this massage can work for you in ways you have never imagined. 
Drop-in for your rejuvenating session today.

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