In the age of popping pills to help aches and pains, here is a technique that has helped countless people

You feel exhausted all the time and cannot think of a time when you weren’t. We are not the first generation of humans who have felt the torso give way and succumb to the pressures of every day. Various civilisations dotted through history have had instances where the system requires deeper attention than simply ingesting roots and herbs and expecting it to have the desired effect. 

Reflexology is one such technique that has been in existence for centuries. Cultures after becoming aware of its benefits and the science behind it, began adopting it. 

What is reflexology?

The skeleton comprises a host of elements, the organs, the tissues, the muscles, the blood, and the components of these. Nothing in this system exists as an independent identity and it is all connected to form a network. This is the principle on which reflexology operates – facilitating a change of environment in one part of the body in order to achieve the same in a deep area. 

Interspersed on the underside of the feet and palms, are pressure points that when triggered or stimulated could cause the corresponding organ to have a change in the blood flow or to be pumped with oxygen. 

Does this therapy actually work and how? 

Imagine the human physique as it is, a giant network of nerves and tissue and everything connecting in a beautiful way that corresponds to what is happening in the external environment. 

The nervous system is the throne of the body that can be divided into the central nervous system which comprises the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system that comprises the other nerves. In order to feel a sense of calm being invoked, it is crucial that the signals being sent among these nerves be corresponding. 

When a practitioner applies pressure on areas of the feet and hands, what they are doing is stimulating the peripheral nerves in these extremities and sending them a message. 

The peripheral nerves then communicate this message to the central nervous system, and the brain will then send signals to the entire body with all its tissues and muscles. This will cause oxygen to be pumped to these tissues, enhance blood flow, and even positively affect the endocrine system which is responsible for the production of hormones. 

Yes, this therapy works. 

Where can you find a trained and well-experienced practitioner? 

The practitioner in the therapy has a vital role to play as not everyone is familiar with how the stimulation of these pressure points on the extremities needs to be done. HealthCure Massage – a massage center in Australia has for years believed that massage therapies when done the right way by therapists who understand the body as it is are effective. We offer you massages from a carefully selected range that help you really get the best of it. 

The tables are set, the practitioner is ready. Are you ready to experience some pure rejuvenation? 

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