There are those few elements in life that are mysteries in themselves. They have a charisma of their own and can seldom be demystified and broken down into logic. 

A deep tissue massage at HealthCure Massage is one of them. One can only fathom at how stimulation of the body’s deepest areas, can work as a miracle cure for ailments.

The deep tissue massage and its healing powers

Centuries ago, people were baffled at the science of a massage. When modern medicine hadn’t still made its way into the picture, the body’s powers to heal itself were explored. 

It was found that the cells of the body possess some innate capabilities that when stimulated, could reach the affected areas, and restore their health. 

This particular stimulation that we speak about is in fact the ability to restore blood flow. 

Restoring blood flow can have the following benefits

  • Efficient functioning of the lungs, heart and brain
  • Fighting off diseases quicker 
  • Helps eliminate waste from the body, thus improving the biome within the body and leaving little or no room for disease
  • Good hair
  • Quick healing of aches and pains and even sores

A massage in East Auckland knows the magic touch

Once you know the wonders that improved blood flow can work, the question on your mind must be how exactly can one improve blood flow. 

That is where HealthCure Massage comes in. 

They have a team of the best therapists who know the science of touch, and which areas are connected to the underlying tissues and organs of the body. 

These tissues, at a deeper layer, when stimulated, are rid of any clots or scar tissue in between the layers and since the obstructions are removed, the blood flow is smooth. 

Blood carries within it oxygen, and a blood flow that is rich in oxygen, when reaches the deeper areas, causes healing to happen there. 

This is through the following ways:

  • Restoration of cells and tissues in the deeper areas of the body
  • Oxygen stimulates cell regeneration
  • Oxygen kills bacteria, fungi etc, that may be rampaging the cells and tissues
  • As a cycle, the oxygen, in turn, helps in the production of new red blood cells, which further improves blood flow
  • The nutrients obtained from food are sufficiently delivered to these areas, thus promoting cell health 

Services offered by HealthCure Massage

We believe that massages have the answer to even the most complex cases. We have seen how conditions that threatened to turn disastrous, were healed by the body itself. All it needed was a little stimulation in the form of a massage. 

Among the many services we offer, are:

We are different

Wondering what sets us apart from the other many massage centres in New Zealand? We don’t consider you as a client, but rather an entity with body issues of your own. We take the time out to understand your complaints, and try and find the best, personalised way in which we can alleviate the pain. 

Whether you choose a massage in Howick or a Pakuranga massage, rest assured you will receive the best service, no matter the place. 

Something to bear in mind is that a massage does not cure. But it definitely provides the body with that extra push that it needs, to work towards healing itself. If you have been suffering from unexplained aches and pains since a while, a massage in East Auckland may actually do your body much good. 
Stop by and experience the joys of a deep tissue massage.

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