While you’re holidaying in Auckland or maybe looking to spend a weekend relaxing by the bay, here’s an idea. Why don’t you get an Indian massage? You may find it surprising that we’re recommending an Indian massage Auckland, but well, we believe too much in the secrets passed down by a culture which is able to heal through the right stimulation of limbs and muscles. 

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What’s so special about an Indian massage?

What makes an Indian head massage in Auckland different from others is that this employs acupressure. The technique of stroking, compression along with professional movements enable any excess fluid built up in the tissues to drain out. 

The Indians swear by this age-old technique that helps in alleviating any muscle knots, pent up tension or anxiety. The Indians certainly seem to have a magical remedy when it comes to massage techniques!


  • An instant reliever for tension headaches
  • Hair-growth booster. An Indian head massage greatly stimulates the growth of long luscious hair. 
  • Relieves insomnia. If you’ve been unable to sleep lately, this will help
  • Rejuvenates and refreshes you!
  • Any aching muscles or tenderness will be taken care of

Our Indian massage Auckland has helped many lead a better tension-free life!

Have you heard of our pregnancy massage Auckland yet?

Along with the many services we provide, there’s also the pregnancy massage. Now we know that would come with its own set of oohs and aahs and ‘is it safe?’ and ‘will it harm my baby?’ and the rest of the questions that are understandable coming from a pregnant mother. 

To begin with, our pregnancy massage Auckland is extremely safe for your baby. While a massage does a lot to alleviate any physical pains you may be feeling, it also is a step towards good well-being. 

Pregnancy can be a stressful time, with the hormones going through all sorts of spikes and slumps. This could cause you stress, anxiety and in some cases add to the depression you may be feeling. How can a massage help those feelings?

Massages are known to stimulate the production of positive feel-good hormones by the body. These set of hormones include serotonin, dopamine and certain endorphins. Once these are produced at high levels, they outbalance the depressants, and leaving you feeling wonderful!

Points to keep in mind while going in for an Indian massage or a pregnancy massage in Auckland

If you’re planning on heading over for a massage, here are a few things you should know:

  • No chemical products are employed for our massages and you can rest assured that your allergic reactions will be kept in mind and closely considered before the massage therapy is planned. 
  • If you’ve been having irregular sleeping patterns or sleep disturbances and allopathic medicine hasn’t been able to decipher the cause, a massage may be the most simple solution to it
  • For a pregnancy massage, the trimester you are in, your doctor’s advice and any other complications should be properly communicated to us before the massage therapy
  • Our trained staff of physiotherapy experts will guide you through what exactly fits your needs. You are in safe hands
  • We have a trained therapist who is specialised in treating conditions such as bone pain, ligament injuries and more, which require special attention

Note: HealthCure Massage does not offer sensual massages. 
Contact us today for any massage-related queries, or to book your appointment for a relaxing session. We can’t wait to have you here!

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