The search for a hot stone massage in Auckland ends with the best one in Australia

Midweek blues are never easy to deal with. You know half the feat is accomplished, but there are still days to go before the weekend. Off late, ever since the work-from-home trend took over, many started complaining of the side effects of it. 

Back pain, lower back tension, adhesions in the spinal area, tightness in the neck and back. And we thought about how people could deal with these effects, and as the experts say, a relaxation massage in Auckland is what you need. 

What is a hot stone massage in Auckland?

To give you a picture of what hot stone therapy is, you may be familiar with it, even if you haven’t experienced it. 

A type of massage, this therapy involves hot stones being placed along the arch of the back, on the spinal line and relief is believed to be got from this. 

What is the science behind the hot stone massage in Auckland?

The stones used in this type of massage are smooth, flat and heated. Made of basalt which is a volcano material, these stones have the capacity of retaining heat. 

Where are the stones placed during the massage in East Auckland?

The heated stones are placed by the massage therapist on various areas. These are:

  • On the face
  • On the palms of the hand
  • On the toes
  • Along the spinal column

Why should you be getting a relaxation massage in Auckland this week?

With the hectic lives we lead and the schedules that lead to back pain, a massage is the best therapy that will not only treat the existing pains but also rejuvenate the areas of the tightness, and help you feel refreshed for days. 

A massage goes above and beyond being just a simple quick fix, and has long-term effects. 

Here is what you stand to gain from the massage in East Auckland

Pain relief

Often the pain that people experience is because of muscle spasm in the areas of the lower back and the spine. The hot stones used during the massage therapy radiate their heat and help relieve the spasms, providing an oxygen-rich supply of blood to the sore areas, and bringing on relief. 

Release of immune factors 

A relaxation massage in Auckland does more than act as a pain reliever. Studies have shown that after a massage, the blood samples drawn from certain people had a decreased level of arginine-vasopressin and this was responsible for the relief they felt. 

Treats the trigger points 

A massage in East Auckland is done by therapists who have a great deal of experience in this field and understand the body. The reason a massage addresses pain just the right way is that it focuses on the trigger points and relieves the tension in these. 

Many people who experience intense pain in these areas have said that once the adhesions were broken down, once the tough connective tissue was massaged, they began to feel better. 

Reflexology in Auckland is a hit!

During the hot stone massage therapy, the basalt stones are placed on the feet, and then trigger points on the underside of the feet are massaged. 

This technique of reflexology draws inspiration from ancient methods, wherein it was believed that there are invisible energy lines extending from the extremities to the internal parts of the body. 

When you stop by for a reflexology massage in Auckland’s HealthCure Massage, you will see why triggers are such an important part of the massage technique. 

HealthCure Massage has a relaxing session planned for you

A massage is an element that is sacred and needs to be done in a way that respects the body. At HealthCure Massage, your comfort comes first. The privacy of a client is respected, and in an ambience that will add to the experience, you will get some true relaxation. 

There are several massages to choose from. These are:

The oils used in every massage are simply wonderful and have been tried and tested. Along with their aromatic properties, they have deep heat effects that really seep into the scalp or the pores of the skin and leave your skin glowing. 

Should you have any concerns about the medical advice of your doctor or certain complications due to which you are reluctant to get a massage, the therapists at HealthCure Massage will take these into account before they proceed. 
Make this week special. Head over to the HealthCure Massage in Botany and find relaxation.

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