A massage can even crack down the toughest and most stressed muscles in your body. Stresses in the body are usually due to the depositions of lactic acids that were left undigested by muscles. The depositions crystallize and create stiffness that causes body pain, soreness and even swelling.

With massage, these areas get stimulated by uniform pressure that gets evenly spread throughout the lactic acid deposition belt. As the massage progresses, the lactic acid deposits melt and get flushed out from the body.

Today, we are going to discuss 5 Basic Massages that Give Immense Relief.


The word Effleurage is derived from French and it literally means “to skim” or “to touch lightly on”.  Present-day, it is a Swedish massage technique that uses a series of strokes that prepare muscles for deep tissue rejuvenation processes by using petrissage (a massage technique in which the body is kneaded for pain and stress relief). The beginning and end of the massage are laced with stroking movements on the body or on the face.

Effleurage is popular for:

  • Relaxation after a heavy period of extreme physical stress
  • To ease post-surgery soreness
  • To recover muscle sensation after an injury
  • For general stress relief

The major benefits your body gets from this massage includes:

  • It increases the rate at which blood travels back to the heart.
  • Speeds up lymphatic drainage to ensure toxins and wastes flush out from the body effectively.
  • The massage increases secretion rates of:

Endorphins: Helps the body in dealing with stress and pain

Serotonin: This crucial hormone is believed to help the body in regulating social behavior, mood, appetite, and the digestive system, memory and sleep patterns.

Dopamine: This hormone works as the messenger between the brain and neurotransmitters. Increase in the secretion of dopamine results in better attention abilities, emotional responses, and learning.

  • The massage helps in speeding the recovery process out of a surgery or injury by enhancing sensations experienced in the targeted area.
  • This massage type increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients in soft tissues helping them recover quickly and effectively.
  • Effleurage simulates the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • It also raises the temperature of soft tissues to 

Effleurage works best on:

While this massage method is gentle, it also prepares the body for an intense deep tissue procedure. This virtue makes it most effective on body parts like:

  • The arms
  • Upper and lower back
  • Thighs and calf muscles

To get the best results out of your massage session, follow our guide on how to take care of your body after a massage session.

Still wondering why you should consider getting a massage?


Petrissage has been derived from French word pétrir which translates to “to knead”. This massage method uses the application of pressure to release pain and stress from the deepest layers of muscles. Some common petrissage techniques include kneading, lifting, skin, and muscle rolling and wringing. Though it may sound like a tough massage technique, the reality remains that its effects penetrate into deep muscle layers.

Petrissage is popular for:

  • Its ability to increase blood circulation that eventually leads to a rise in body’s temperature.
  • As the body temperature gradually rises naturally, muscles loosen up and soak into the surplus supply of oxygen and nutrients being bought by blood.
  • The degree of freedom increases muscle movements.
  • To relieve stress that has accumulated over a long period of time.

The major benefits your body gets from this massage includes:

  • Stimulates functions of the cellular system and helps in the regeneration of skin texture.
  • Increases return rate of blood in the body
  • Flushes out waste and toxic accumulations from the lymph nodes.
  • Increases the tone and strength of muscles.
  • Rejuvenates deep layers of muscles.
  • Causes breakdown of adipose tissue (loose connective tissues).

Petrissage works best for:

This massage method can be classified to be more intensive and impacting. The massage has best effects on:

  • Upper and lower back
  • Thighs
  • Shoulders

Since Petrissage is an intensive massage therapy method, it can cause soreness in the body. Take care of your body the right way after this extensive massage therapy!


Derived from French word tapoter which literally means “to drum or to tap”. The massage is intense and is meant to lighten the senses in the body. It also relaxes muscles and activates nerve endings. The human body can store stress even in the deep layers where it houses but never makes its appearance unless those parts have been subjected to massage touches that are a combination of kneading, cupping, firm quick taps or even quick strikes on such stiff areas. The various pressures your body will be subjected to include hacking, cupping, plucking, tapping and pummelling.

Tapotement is popular for:

Its ability to increase circulation of blood flow in fleshy areas like buttocks and thighs.

Release trapped stress from deep layers of muscles.

Since the movements induce pressure on smaller sections of the body, they induce the release of lactic acid and toxins that have been trapped in muscles for long.

Tapotement is an intense type of massage. Tapotement should not be:

  • Applied directly on bony protuberances
  • Done during pregnancy
  • Applied on paralysed muscles
  • Pressured on superficial nerves

The major benefits your body can get out of a tapotement session are:

  • This type of massage increases the flow of blood in the body.
  • The increased blood flow flushes out toxins and supplies nutrients to the muscles.
  • Nerve endings are stimulated which leads to muscle contractions that cause the growth of lean muscles.
  • Cupping can help in loosening mucus depositions in the lungs when done on the upper and middle back.
  • Tapotement can help in reducing fatty bulk’s reduction when paired with other types of massages.

Tapotement works best for:

  • Fleshy parts that have fat deposits like buttocks.
  • upper and middle back

Tapotement is classified as a tough message type that has the ability to ease deep-rooted soreness. The massage can have an impact on your fat deposit reduction and even help in toning your muscles. Worried how your body will react after the massage? Know how to take care of your body after an intense massage session.


While there is nothing more soothing and relaxing than a traditional massage where a therapist massages your body using different techniques like Effleurage, Petrissage, and Tapotement and then proceeds to give region-specific massages by using a handheld device. This device generates vibrations around the area it has been held close it. Such a massage is usually done to further relax muscles and prevent target soreness from happening.

Vibrations are popular for:

  • Its ability to relax soreness occurring at a particular region in the body.
  • Reduces chances of body soreness.
  • Motion is controlled and can be adjusted according to your preference

The major benefits your body gets out of vibrational massage to include:

  • Decreases lactic acid depositions in muscles and joints.
  • Betters digestive system’s health
  • Improves blood circulation and induces a sense of relaxation
  • Reduces muscles tightness and increases overall flexibility

This method works best on:

Any part of the body including joints. The magnitude of vibrations must be adjusted as per your comfort.

Vibrations are introduced in the body after the massage session. To ensure you enjoy this part of your therapy session, be clear about which vibration level is soothing and which level is causing the slightest discomfort. For a prolonged effect, follow instructions given by your therapist.


Ever rubbed your feet or hands to quickly ease stiffness and ease pain? That is exactly what happens in this massage method, friction is applied to the surface of the skin.  The rubbing nature of friction massage induces small quantities of heat in muscle layers to release trapped toxins, wastes and lactic acid. Friction massage is usually paired with an essential oil so enhance the effect. Your therapist will perform this massage before tapotement to prepare the body for pressures induced by kneading and cupping.

Friction massage is popular for:

  • Its ability to gently warm up muscles.
  • Flush out toxins and wastes that inhibit your skin.
  • Gently increases the temperature between muscle layers to relax and ease tension.

The major benefits your body gets include:

  • By gently increasing the temperature in muscle fibers, friction massage reduces actions of pain triggering metabolic reactions.
  • Decreases adhesive rigidity in muscle structures
  • Friction causes a temporary sensation of analgesia
  • Induces secretion of collagen in the body

Request your therapist to use essential oils that suit your skin and induce more calmness and relaxation during the friction massage phase.

At Health Cure, our massage therapies are exclusive to every pain that the human body experiences. We understand how lifestyles and lack of activity can stiffen your muscles and make it hard for you to perform basic life functions like sleeping, moving your hands past certain angles and whatnot. With our expert therapy session, you not only walk out with the feeling of having a new body but can restore normal sleep patterns and other daily functionalities.  

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